Crowdfunding Platforms

  • EarlyShares Equity Crowdfunding Platform
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    EarlyShares Equity Crowdfunding Platform

    Crowdfunding for Business is an equity crowdfunding platform, it offers a user friendly web platform that securely connects entrepreneurs and investors. For entrepreneurs we offer a easy way to get funding for your new company or expanding your existing business. For everyone else we provide an opportunity

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  • Rally
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    Share Your Story. Raise Money.

    Rally is a social fundraising tool that harnesses the power of storytelling, making it easy to raise more money. We make it simple for you to accept donations online – no merchant account needed. From there, we help you grow your network of supporters by turning each donor into a potential fundra

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  • Seeding Social
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    Seeding Social

    Experts, Investors, Startups

    SeedingSocial is a micro venture capital structure leveraging social network mechanisms and proprietary innovative processes to promote entrepreneurship and create a platform where innovative ventures are presented to investors with the objective to finance its deal flow.

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  • Go Fund Me
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    Go Fund Me

    Easy online fundraising with simple personal donation websites.

    GoFundMe is a do-it-yourself online fundraising service that has helped thousands of people raise millions of dollars in online donations for the fundraising ideas that matter to them most. GoFundMe allows regular people to accomplish extraordinary things with easy-to-use personal donation websites.

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  • Rocket Hub
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    Rocket Hub

    Launch, Fund, and Fly!

    RocketHub provides the opportunity for all Creatives to harness the power of the crowd. We empower Creatives with the credibility & infrastructure necessary to successfully leverage the financial power of your community.

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  • People's VC
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    People’s VC

    Crowd Powered Venture Capital was founded to enable individual investors to participate in the growth and success of small companies, while helping entrepreneurs succeed through grassroots funding, with special support for companies and investors after the initial public offering of stock.

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  • Crowdfunder (UK)
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    Crowdfunder (UK)

    The Funding Revolution Starts Here...

    Lots of people – each giving a small amount – can make good things happen. The ‘crowd’ decides what’s good, what’s not, what they want to fund and what they don’t. It’s survival of the fittest for creative ideas and projects. If the crowd doesn’t like it the project won’t happ

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  • Rock the Post
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    Rock the Post

    Where Ordinary Ideas Become Extraordinary

    Rock The Post is a social networking platform for entrepreneurs to fund and swap resources. The free site is a great tool for entrepreneurs to leverage their networks and reach new ones, to fill the missing pieces of their projects. The crowdfunding and crowdsourcing site is the ideal resource for s

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  • SharesPost
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    The Market For Today's Fastest Growing Companies

    This is where today’s most innovative companies manage liquidity for their shareholders and raise new capital. SharesPost is supporting growth companies in a whole new way and enabling the world’s most forward-thinking investors to invest in today’s pioneers and tomorrow’s leaders.

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  • Crowdtilt
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    Group Fund Anything

    At Crowdtilt, we’re trying to make it easier for groups to do things together. Whether it’s a party-bus to the next Phish show or pooling money for a cause you know your close friends are passionate about – we just want to make that process of grouping those funds as easy as possible.

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