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Crowdfunder (UK)

Crowdfunder (UK)

The Funding Revolution Starts Here...

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Why we started Crowdfunder

We thought it was about time that the great people of the UK and Europe had a way to raise money to do cool stuff more easily. Crowdfunding is that revolutionary new way and we’re mad about it – it’s potential is truly awesome.

Survival of the fittest for creative ideas.
 Lots of people – each giving a small amount – can make good things happen.  The ‘crowd’ decides what’s good, what’s not, what they want to fund and what they don’t.  It’s survival of the fittest for creative ideas and projects.  If the crowd doesn’t like it the project won’t happen. Good ideas will shine through and the wisdom of the crowd to fund them is a really exciting prospect.

The ‘crowd’ is easier to gather. The colossal power of social networking websites has really been the catalyst that has made Crowdfunder – in all its philanthropic glory – possible. You can tell you friends, followers and connections easily and ideas can spread rapidly. The ‘crowd’ is far easier to gather than it ever has been. Social networking logos

Whether your project is big or small, hare-brained or thoughtful, serious or just for fun – we want to hear from you. Crowdfunder aims to fund all sorts of crazy, arty, funny, ingenious and jaw-dropping projects. So if you’re an artist, explorer, musician, writer, entrepreneur or thrill seeker get in touch and kick start your project with Crowdfunder today.


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