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Group Fund Anything

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At Crowdtilt, we’re trying to make it easier for groups to do things together. Whether it’s a party-bus to the next Phish show or pooling money for a cause you know your close friends are passionate about – we just want to make that process of grouping those funds as easy as possible.

There’s no denying it – Pooling and collecting money for a group objective can be a real pain in the ass. There are the multiple emails gauging interest, more for updating people on the status, and then the ones pressuring committed people to actually pay. There is that list on an Excel spreadsheet or piece of paper keeping track of who’s paid and who hasn’t. There are PayPal accounts and sending addresses for multiple checks. And then there is the real anxiety of starting to collect money and knowing there’s no going back…

And those are just the headaches for the organizer.

With Crowdtilt, we’re trying to to fix the problems associated with pooling money for a group objective. Start a campaign, let the group help make the objective a reality, and with the tilt feature, no one is charged a single cent unless the objective happens.

It’s our favorite aspects of crowdfunding, provided for groups of friends (i.e. your crowd instead of the crowd).

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