EarlyShares Equity Crowdfunding Platform

EarlyShares Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding for Business

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Earlyshares.com is a new powerful platform for investing, founded on the principals of engagement, connection and making dreams a reality. It was founded in late 2011 to contribute to the future of small business in the United States. The site is one of the first “equity based crowd-funding” platforms to provide innovative and cost-effective tools to assist qualified entrepreneurs and business owners in gaining access to necessary capital from individual investors and venture capitalist from all over the globe. The company can operate as a result of the JOBS Act which was just passed into law in April 2012.
It is a fact that many businesses fail in the first few years due to lack of critical funding to create jobs, expand and create the necessary infrastructure to succeed. Earlyshares.com understands that and through their business champions the small business and entrepreneur by providing a valuable link between them and the qualified investors looking to buy in to them through “equity based crowdfunding.” Through this new process, entrepreneurs and potential businesses can pitch their vision to their own personal social media network and the growing network of Earlyshares.com investors to raise much needed funds. Although “crowdfunding” operates currently on sites such as Kickstarter.com and Indiegogo, this is the first time in the United States where businesses will be able to trade equity ownership in their business in exchange for capital up to 1 million dollars when the legislation takes effect in January 2013.
Earlyshares.com will do all the proper and necessary due diligence on all it potential businesses looking for capital. Investor protection is key. Earlyshares.com’s funding portal provides the only platform that focuses deeply on eliminating all potential fraud. Earlyshares.com works with real companies that have been screened extensively to ensure that that both the business and the institutional and individual investor have substantial upside for success. Once approved, EarlyShares.com’s investors will receive alerts about new opportunities to invest as they are posted to the site.
Further, while traditional funding sources can be both expensive and difficult to access for the small business owner looking to raise 1 million or less for expansion, Earlyshares.com feels that matching people with similar interests and passions through this site can spur success for both the investor and the entrepreneur. Their investors benefit as they have direct equity in a business, a diversified investment portfolio and the opportunity to get involved in businesses of their choice. This crowdfunding platform also makes it possible for the individual investor to get involved with amounts that start with as little as $100.00.
The idea for Earlyshares.com was hatched over dinner by Maurice Lopes, Renee Caputi and Stephen Temes. Lopes and Caputi had seen the search for capital under 1 million dollars nearly evaporate as a result of the recession. Lopes passionate small business owner, wanted to make a difference through the JOBS Act and help businesses in ways that were never before possible. Together, Lopes and Caputi approached Stephen Temes, a highly successful investor with a diverse portfolio of businesses to partner with them. Temes looking for new and innovative ways for himself and his wide reach of investors to get in on the ground floor of new ideas and help existing businesses in the U.S. expand jumped at the opportunity to bring his expertise and his investor network to the table.
To apply to become a business in search of equity or an investor looking to buy in, visit www.earlyshares.com

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